Autumn term 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back to pre-school!

We hope you have had a happy and exciting summer – we look forward to hearing all about your adventures!

I am delighted to say that Georgina had a little boy in August – both are doing well.

Sadly Liz Lucas left us over the summer to take up an opportunity to work in a school setting. She was a valued member of the team and will be sorely missed. We wish Liz well for the future.

In the porch we have a new board for parents containing lots of useful information. There are 2 wallets with sharing experiences forms and current letters – please help yourself.

The pre-school currently has vacancies for 2 parent reps – so if you have any spare time and would like to consider this opportunity then please talk to a staff member.

As of September, the pre-school will be following a new curriculum which is designed to better support young children and give them the best possible start in life. Details of how it will affect our practice will be sent out next week.

Our COVID precaution measures have been revised   - see separate section.

Children may now bring in items of interest from home so show their friends at discussion time. Please make sure it is labelled

Information about the daily activity and snack will now be displayed on the white board in the lobby.

Arrangements for dropping off and collecting your children have changed slightly, details will be sent via Dojo.

This term we will be welcoming Sophie to the pre-school, we hope she will be very happy with us.

As always, myself and the staff team are here to support you so please do not hesitate to contact us face to face, via Dojo, phone or email if you have any questions or concerns.

We look forward to a happy and successful year!

Kind regards,

Ann and the staff team


Our theme this term is Introduction to activities and Autumn

Week 1 – Introduction to activities

Week 2 – Introduction to role play

Week 3 – Introduction to physical equipment

Week 4 – Autumn weather; wind and rain

Week 5 – Autumn animals

Week 6 – Harvest festival and autumn vegetables

Week 7 – Autumn in the garden

Wednesday 13th October – Harvest festival – details to follow

Please name your child’s hats, water bottles, lunch boxes, bags and coats.

Drinking bottles should contain water only.

Lunch boxes should contain a healthy balance of food in appropriate portion sizes. The pre-school is a NUT FREE zone so please no peanut butter or nutella.

It would be helpful if any packets in their lunch boxes are pre-opened so the children can manage independently. We are not supposed to handle their food - sorry

Many of the COVID precaution measures have been updated – here is a summary:

  • Parents no longer need to socially distance when queuing. All children will enter via the ramp entrance so please queue on this side.
  • There is no requirement to wear a face mask whilst queuing.
  • Children should gel their hands before entering.
  • We will no longer be checking the children’s temperatures on arrival unless they appear unwell.
  • Staff will continue to do regular lateral flow tests.
  • Staff will no longer wear facemasks or visors.
  • Regular cleaning of high touch surfaces continues
  • Increased ventilation continues so doors and windows will be open
  • Good hygiene practices and hand washing will be promoted
  • Dressing up and soft furnishing have fully returned
  • Messy play is back!
  • Prospective parents may visit the setting again 

Our updated system of controls against COVID 19 is available on request.

Thank you for helping to keep everyone safe

Autumn term 2021

Personal, Social and Emotional

We will be welcoming 1 new starter into the pre-school and helping them to settle by encouraging friendships with other children.

The adults will be supporting the children as they develop their confidence and independence in the setting.

We will be helping the children learn how to look after their bodies, manage their personal care (including cleaning their teeth) and eat a healthy diet.

The adults will be playing alongside the children throughout the morning, modelling how to use the resources appropriately

There will be opportunities to develop co-ordination, balance and agility both in the garden and in the hall with equipment such as climbing frames and balance beams.

Fine motor skills that require hand to eye co-ordination will be available daily to help the children develop precision in their movements.

We will be using tools such as scissors to make collages as well as a range of resources to be creative with paint and dough.

As the weather gets colder we will be supporting the children as they learn to put on and fasten their coats independently

Throughout this term we will have books related to the theme of autumn available for the children to look at and have read to them.

There will be posters in the setting to stimulate interest and the children will be helping to make a display about autumn animals taking inspiration from the Percy the Park Keeper  and the Gruffalo stories.

The children will be using resources that encourage awareness of letters to help them learn to recognise their names

We will be supporting the children as they learn to play imaginatively in both role play and with small world toys.

A wide range of resources such as chalk, collage, paint and dough will be available to encourage creativity.

There will be a focus on the colours found in autumn leaves as well as creative activities using natural resources.

The children will be involved in making a wall display about the animals seen in winter

At the pre-school we encourage back and forth interaction between the children and adults to help develop their language skills and cognitive development.

We encourage turn taking  when speaking and listening to others.

We will read stories and poems, sing songs and talk about the activities available as well as asking questions to stimulate curiosity and encourage exploration

We will be talking to the children about the Seasons and the changes that occur in the autumn

There will be activities related to the weather and a focus on weather related songs.

We will be celebrating the festival of Harvest and making baked apples for the children to bring home. The children will be visiting the church to learn how harvest is celebrated by the Christian community

We will be learning to count using songs, stories and puzzles as well as practising number recognition using paint and collage resources.

Various resources such as books, games, puzzles and posters will be used to promote interest in 2D shapes.

Greater depth learning will be encouraged by comparing objects by height, width, length and weight by using tape measures and scales.

We will be making 3D models using various construction toys

  • Talk to your children about the week’s theme and help them choose something to bring in for discussion. Please make sure it is named!
  • Talk to your children about how the trees change in the autumn
  • Practise counting leaves, conkers and seeds
  • Encourage your child to put their coat on by themselves
  • Encourage your child to bring something into the setting that is related to autumn to talk about in discussion
  • Make a leaf collage