Second Half Autumn term 2020


The children have adjusted well to the changes we have had to make to ensure the setting is as safe as possible at this current time; they take the additional hand washing in their stride and happily ‘gel’ their hands when asked so most of the children are happy and settled.

We will continue to support those children who have had a disrupted start and are still settling in.

As we practice for the Nativity, we will be mindful of the children who can become self conscious and over whelmed at having to perform for others

During the winter when we cannot use the grassed areas of the garden, we will bring activities such as the climbing frame/ slide into the hall to consolidate the children’s gross motor skills.

We will use construction toys with tools to help promote hand to eye co-ordination as well as activities that promote development of a pincer grip to help with pencil control.

We will be encouraging the children to manage their outdoor clothing independently and there will be a particular focus on blowing noses, using tissues and disposing of them appropriately to keep everyone safe

We  will continue to encourage the children to mark make so that they learn to write their own names in their Christmas cards.

Books are always popular and, linked to the theme, there will be an emphasis on stories about Percy the Park Keeper and the changing seasons.

We continue to offer different role play scenarios to stimulate the children’s imagination.

There will be a focus on the colours of autumn and also leaves which we will be using to print with paint and make collage pictures.

Natural materials will be used in the mud kitchen in the garden and also to enhance small world play such as woodland animals.

As we talk about Diwali we will be making firework pictures and looking at Rangoli patterns.

Following recent COVID guidelines, we will be making some changes to whole group singing this term e.g. encouraging quiet singing in small groups.

We will continue to encourage conversation with others during play and promote good listening skills at story time.

We will be learning some new vocabulary in association with the Nativity and Christmas songs

There will be a focus on the changing seasons looking at what happens to the natural world and especially trees in the autumn.

We will be looking at clothing to keep warm using our weather monkey and talking about the weather in songs, stories and puzzles.

There will be interest tables about Diwali and Christmas to stimulate interest in different religious festivals.

During this term we will be looking at size by comparing leaves, volume when collecting acorns in cylinders and length when trying to find the longest stick in the garden.

We will continue to practice counting using puzzles resources and encourage an interest in number recognition by using paint stampers  or making a collage

  • Encourage your child to put their coat on independently. Practice doing up zips, poppers and buttons
  • Help your child to learn to use a tissue to wipe their noses
  • Go for a walk in the woods to look at what is happening to the trees
  • Collect leaves and use them to learn about colour, size and counting

Thursday 10th December – Nativity performance hopefully via Zoom – details to follow

Thursday 17th December – Christmas Party