Autumn Term Curriculum-First Half

We will be welcoming 8 new starters into the pre-school and helping them to settle by encouraging friendships between children whilst supporting them as they develop independence when choosing activities.

There will be a focus on how to use the resources appropriately during this term and for the older children already familiar with the pre-school, we will be refreshing their understanding of the behavioural expectations of the setting


There will be a focus on moving round the setting safely and using large equipment with control and co-ordination.  We will be using resources such pegs and threading to help develop fine motor control. At snack time we will be looking at the children’s hand to eye co-ordination when pouring drinks.

We will be encouraging the children to wash their hands independently and supporting them when they use the toilets in the setting.


We will be supporting the children as they learn to recognise their name cards throughout the morning.  There will be opportunities to mark make during role play, on a large scale and in different mediums.

We will be focusing on the stories from the ‘Percy the Park keeper to link in with our theme of autumn animals in week 5.

We will be supporting the children as they learn to play imaginatively in various role play areas.

A wide range of resources such as chalk, collage, paint and dough will be available to encourage creativity. There will be a focus on the colours found in autumn leaves

We will be encouraging the children to develop good listening skills and to take turns when talking to others.  We will be introducing the children to new vocabulary through a wide range of songs  and supporting their understanding of the routine of the morning through  a timeline of ‘widget’ pictures.

We will be talking to the children about the Seasons and the changes that occur in the autumn

There will be activities related to the weather and a focus on weather related songs.

We will be celebrating the festival of Harvest and making baked apples for the children to bring home. The children will be visiting the church to learn how harvest is celebrated by the Christian community

We will be learning to count using songs, stories and puzzles and practising number recognition using paint and collage resources.

With older children we will be focusing on comparing objects by height, width, length and weight by using tape measures and scales

  • Encourage your children to put on and remove their coats themselves
  • Talk to your children about the week’s theme and help them choose something to bring in for discussion. Please make sure it is named!
  • Talk to your children about how the trees change in the autumn
  • Practise counting leaves, conkers and seeds

Harvest festival

Tuesday 15th October at 9.30am