Curriculum Theme – Toys

We will be welcoming 1 new starter into the setting this term and encouraging the children to help her to settle by being kind and friendly towards her.

We will be introducing a new behaviour management tool during this term (details to follow) which is designed to encourage positive behaviour at all times.

We will be using different resources such as stories and role play to talk about our feelings e.g. when we create our ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ role play

There will be opportunities to use large equipment such as slides, climbing frames and balance beams  indoors during term.

Ball skills such as kicking, catching and bowling will be promoted in week 4 (round toys) through various activities.

There will be an opportunity to use tools in week 2 both in the garage role play and when constructing with Big Builder.

We provide daily activities that promote the use of a pincer grip and continue to encourage the children to try and manage their clothing independently.

In week 1 we will have a role play area set up to reflect the story ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’.

We will choose daily stories based on the weeks theme and a wide range of books will be available to the children every day.

We continue to encourage recognition of the child’s name at welcome, snack and in the cloakroom.

Mark making is encouraged in all role play areas.

Imaginative play will be encouraged with different role play areas and small world toys every day.

We will use paint and graphics to look at colour and collage resources to talk about texture.

There will be craft activities related to the theme every week.

The children will have the chance to explore sound with musical instruments and to use scarves to interpret music.

We will continue to introduce new vocabulary to the children through songs and stories.

Turn taking will be encouraged in conversations and good listening skills will be promoted at story time

During the term there will be opportunities to use varied ICT toys such as remote control cars, Bee Bots, table top computers and laptops.

We will be recreating real life scenarios in role play such as an airport and a garage so children can mimic adult behaviour and different occupations.

We will be talking about the weather and the changing seasons as well as looking for signs of Spring in the garden

Maths activities are available daily in the hall. In addition we will use number/maths songs to encourage counting and shape recognition.

Varied construction resources are available to raise awareness of 3D shapes.

In relation to the theme, we will also be playing compare bear bingo (week 1) and using the dinosaurs with the sorting set in week 6!

  • Help your child to recognise their name so that they can find their coat peg
  • Encourage your child to put on and take off their coat independently
  • Help your child to learn to blow their nose and dispose of the tissue
  • Practise washing hand thoroughly at home. There are several songs available on line to help with this – please ask staff if you can’t find one