Spring Term Curriculum-First Half

We will be welcoming 9 new children into pre-school in January. We will be encouraging kindness and helpfulness towards the new children to help them feel settled.

There will be a focus on responding to adults appropriately in association with feelings e.g. it makes us happy when people say hello!  There will also be an emphasis on good manners and using please and thank you in the setting.

We will continue to be promoting independence with regard to putting on coats and managing fastenings. During this term we will be having a role play shoe shop so please send your child in with shoes they can fasten themselves. There will also be an activity where the children can walk in different textures in their wellies.

We will be looking at throwing and catching in week 2 when the focus is on our hands along with doing some finger painting.

As the cold weather continues, we will continue to reinforce the importance of blowing noses and washing hands

During  story time there will be discussions about the feelings of the characters in the books as well as opportunities to enact the different roles within a story using role play and puppets.

We continue to promote mark making in role play such as making shopping lists or taking doctor’s notes. In the setting we will be using cornflour and water to provide a different medium for mark making

There will be different role play opportunities such a dance studio, a birthday party and a shoe shop this term.

Using collage resources the children will be able to decorate hands , feet and body shapes.

We will be exploring texture and patterns in craft activities. The children will have the chance to express emotion though music and movement with scarves.

We will be having conversations throughout this term related to the topic e.g. talking about our families, our bodies and what makes us feel happy or sad. This theme will continue through songs and stories too.

We continue to encourage turn taking in conversation and to promote good listening skills. During week 5 we will be playing sound lotto to focus on our hearing.

We will be talking about our families and making a album of photos and pictures of all the children’s families.

We will be looking at our senses during week 5 using interest tables and activities such as tasting food at snack time and using touch in feely boxes.

Using different games we will be looking at our feelings and emotions in conjunction with stories about sharing and being kind to others.

We will be talking about keeping healthy and infection control especially relating to coughing, blowing noses and washing hands.

We will be looking at height during this term- making a height chart of all the children by drawing around them and measuring how tall they are.

We will be using our fingers to represent numbers in counting songs and handling money when playing in shop role play.

We continue to promote number awareness through games, puzzles, posters and books.

  • Help promote independence by dressing your children in clothes/ shoes they can manage themselves.
  • Maybe draw round your child’s hands or feet, decorate them and let the children bring their pictures in for discussion
  • Talk to your children about what makes them happy, cross or sad
  • Use counting songs such as ‘1 2 3 4 5 Once I caught a fish alive’ and your fingers or toes to encourage awareness of numbers to 10


Monday 6th January 2020 - term starts

Wednesday 15th January - visit from a community dental therapist

Thursday 30th January - Parent's morning