Current Parents - Monitioring your child's progress

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Full 11

We recognise that parents are their children’s first and most enduring educators, and the aim of St. Paul’s (Crofton) Pre-School is to work together to promote your children’s development and learning.

At St Paul’s (Crofton) Pre-School each child has a key person who works as part of a team, making observations of your child’s development, comparing it to the developmental norms, and assessing their progress. The staff make high quality observations of a child's achievements. These observations are used to plan future learning experiences and ensure that activities consistently build on the child's existing knowledge and skills, therefore promoting individual development.

The key person also acts as a link between the Pre-school and the home setting, providing feedback to parents/carers and communicating essential information about your child to all staff.

At St Paul’s (Crofton) Pre-School we record the development of all the children and you may ask to see these records at any time. Twice a year we hold meetings with parents/carers where you will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s development on a one to one basis. We also encourage parents/carers to contribute to their child’s developmental records by completing a ‘Sharing Experiences – Learning from home’ form, on which you may record anything you wish to share with us.