Summer Holidays 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have reached the end of a busy and memorable year and would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all our parents for your patience and support. It has been challenging for the pre-school to have so many COVID related restrictions in place but we hope you understand that everything we have done has been to keep you, your children and the staff safe.

Thank you once again for your generous support of the Trike Ride –the children had fun and you raised over £500 for new equipment for the pre-school. Details of what we have bought with the money will follow in the next newsletter.

As you know, recently we have been looking at people who help us as a topic and were able to have some visitors come to talk to the children in the garden. We ended the week with a visit from Second Chance Animal Rescue who brought a lamb, a chicken and a barn owl for the children to meet. We are delighted to say that Linda and Charlie commented that they had never seen such well behaved pre-school children and would like to come back and visit again…..this time with a Shetland pony! So well done to all your children – they did you and us proud!

Over the summer, staff will be getting to grips with a new curriculum which starts in September 2021. Details about the changes it brings will be sent out over the summer to the families who are staying on with us.

Georgina has now gone on maternity leave; we wish her well and look forward to her return sometime in Spring 2022!

We wish all our leaver’s a happy and successful future. We hope they leave with happy memories of their time with us and are excited about the new adventure that awaits them. We will miss them all.

Enjoy your summer break, stay safe and we look forward to welcoming back the children on Monday 6th September.

With kind regards,

Ann and the Staff Team



The theme for the autumn term will be posted in the next newsletter


During the term we encourage children to bring in items from home that they would like to share in discussion with their friends. Please make sure that it is named so we can return it safely. Alternatively if your children have done something at home please submit a photo and description on Dojo so we can share with the children at storytime.

We look forward to welcoming back the children on Monday 6th September

The better weather is here! Please apply sun cream to your children before arrival at pre-school and provide a named sun hat.

We have an amazing garden which we use daily. Your children will be climbing and running, please ensure their footwear covers their toes and is well fitted.

Please remember to clearly label all coats, bags, hats and water bottles.

Our pre-school is a nut free zone, lunch boxes should be a healthy balance meal with packaging the children can open themselves

The guidelines related to the COVID pandemic are constantly being updated.

The guidelines we have to follow in the autumn term will be communicated during the summer holidays as they become clearer.



Summer Holidays 2021

Personal, Social and Emotional

Activities in this area help children to develop their confidence and self esteem, to feel confident about interacting with both adults and children and building positive relationships with them.

It helps the children to understand about other people’s feelings and the importance of being kind to others. It helps them to develop the skills necessary to exercise self control.

Also in this area, the children develop the skills to manage their own self care

The varied activities included in this area help the children develop balance, strength and co-ordination when using large equipment and wheeled toys. They learn to develop the fine motor skills necessary to make small movements and to use tools one handed.
It provides opportunities to develop hand to eye co-ordination and a pincer grip that is required for pencil control when a child is learning to write.

In this area the children learn to develop a love of books and they are encouraged to join in with the repeated phrases that are in them.

They are encouraged to identify their names and recognise familiar letters in books and the environment.

We also encourage the children to practise mark making in play using different mediums.

This area encourages the children to express their imagination and creativity. They can play imaginatively in role play (vets, doctors, fire station, builder’s yard etc) or with small world toys such as farms, garages or airports.

We offer creative activities such as paint, dough, collage, chalks and colouring.

Varied role play scenarios are provided to encourage imagination.

A wide variety of construction toys are also available.

The children can  explore music using instruments and interpret rhythms using dance.

Activities in this area are designed to help the children become effective communicators, to be able to join in with conversations and take turns to speak and listen.
It helps them develop the skills needed to listen effectively in different situations and gives them plenty of opportunity to develop a large vocabulary of new words.


This area has many aspects such as encouraging the children to use different types of interactive technology, to make observations about plants, animals and the natural world and to be able to recognise the similarities and differences between themselves, their families and their communities.


This area encourages the children to count and recognise numbers up to 10. It helps them learn to compare objects by size, match patterns and sort items into sets.
We encourage the recognition of 2D shapes encouraging the children to use them to build pictures and models