Newsletter Spring Term – Second Half

Spring Term Curriculum-Second Half

During this term we will continue to promote independence by encouraging the children to make choices for themselves.

As ever, we continue to promote positive relationships between the children and encourage constructive, co-operative play during the session.

We will use stories and discussion to help the children understand about being kind to each other.

During this term we will continue to large equipment indoors to help promote development of control and co-ordination. There will be a wide range of tools and activities available designed to help promote the fine motor movements required for writing. A variety of balance equipment will be included to help develop this essential skill.

We will continue to promote independence by encouraging the children to put on their own coats and to manage their self care.

We have taught the children a song about washing their hands which is proving useful!

During week 1 we will be reading the children stories that are new to the pre-school.

There will be an emphasis on creating stories using finger puppets and story builder cards during week 2.

We will be looking at rhymes during week 5 and when singing songs as a whole group.

The children will have the opportunity to use different resources that help encourage mark making

The children will have the chance to decorate a gift and a card for their mummy’s during week 4.

We will be making Easter collages and using instruments to recreate the story of the Gruffalo during this term.

In music and movement sessions the children will be able to express themselves as they move to music using their bodies, scarves and streamers. We continue to offer the children different role play scenarios to promote imaginative play

We will continue to promote good listening as we focus on stories during this term, encouraging the children to anticipate what might happen next.  There will be lots of opportunities to engage in discussion in small groups. We will be helping children to understand instructions by supporting them with pictures and signing

During week 3 we will be looking at how biscuit dough changes when it is cooked as we make gingerbread men.

Resources such as irregular mirrors, magnets and gears will be used to promote understanding of basic science. There will be opportunities to use interactive toys such as Bee Bots and remote control cars.

During week 6 we will be focusing on the Christian festival of Easter, visiting the church and acting out Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem.

We will be promoting awareness of shapes using varied resources including our new magnetic shapes that allow the children to build in 3D.

The children are learning several new songs that encourage counting and using magnetic toys that help the children to recognise numbers.

Measuring will be encouraged when the children are engaged in the builder’s role play.

  • Encourage your child to look for something related to the theme to bring in to show. This helps boost their confidence about standing up and speaking in front of a group of children

(Please make sure it is in a named bag)

  • Encourage your child to try and put their coats on themselves. There is a method of putting on coats that staff can show you which many of the children use to do this themselves – just ask one of the staff

Tues 3rd/ Wed 4th March – sponsored trike ride