Newsletter Autumn Term – Second Half

Autumn Term Curriculum-Second Half

Generally, the children have settled well into pre-school so we will be continuing to promote independence and to build their confidence as we practice for our Nativity play.

We will use time lines and explanations to help the children to adapt to changes in the pre-school routine during this busy term.

We will be welcoming 2 new children into the pre-school family after half term. to help build the children's self confidence, there will be opportunities to participate in small group work.

During the winter months, we will continue to develop the children’s gross motor skills by using balance equipment and climbing frames indoors.

Music and movement sessions allow the children to burn off some energy and see what happens to their bodies when they exercise.

We will be promoting co-ordination by encouraging the children to manage their own fastenings on clothing. We will continue to go outside during the morning so please make sure children have appropriate warm clothing.

We will be looking at clothing to keep warm during week 3.

There will be an additional emphasis on using tissues to blow their noses in this season of coughs and colds!

There will be further opportunities to practice mark making in sensory mediums such as shaving foam, fine sand and salt. Children will have access to chalk, crayons and pens for writing on a large scale on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

We will continue to promote phonics using songs, games and Barney Bear. We will provide opportunities to retell familiar tales using puppets and props daily on the story table.

During this term we will be reading stories about the winter or that are set in wintery conditions


We continue to provide new role play opportunities to stimulate imagination and creativity.

Using collage, the children will be able to dress cut out figures in winter clothes, make a firework picture and build a snowman!

The children will have opportunities to make festive pictures using graphics and paint as well as making a Christmas ornament and decorating Christmas cards for their families

As Christmas approaches, we will be extending the children’s vocabulary further by teaching them the songs used in our Nativity play.

There will be opportunities for conversation during free play about how they celebrate Christmas at home and we will be encouraging discussion about animals that live in snowy conditions during weeks 1 and 4



During this term we will be looking at the festival of Christmas with focus on preparing for our Nativity play.

To promote interest and engagement, dry snow and ice will be used to recreate different habitats for our animal figures; we will be looking at snow, freezing and thawing (bringing some of the real stuff inside if we get any!)

We will be thinking about the changing seasons and focusing on winter weather.

We will be talking about keeping healthy and infection control especially relating to coughing, blowing noses and washing hands.

We will be counting down the days to Christmas using an advent story calendar and using songs and games to promote numbers and counting.

To raise awareness of form, shapes will be used in collage, in construction and activities such as shape dominoes played on the puzzle table.

When engaged in role play, children have the opportunity to measure height and length e.g. when building brick walls.

To extend learning – we will be building using 3D construction toys.


 Help promote independence by dressing your children in clothes/ shoes they can manage themselves.

 Please provide warm coats. We recommend hoods instead of scarves and mittens rather than gloves during the cold weather

 Make a firework or Christmas picture for discussion

 Talk about winter weather conditions such as frost, snow and ice


Wed 4th Dec - Nativity play

Tues 17th Dec – Christmas party

Mon 6th Jan 2020 – New term starts