Newsletter Summer Term – Second Half

Summer Term Curriculum-Second Half


The children are now settled at pre-school so we continue to promote their independence and encourage them to exercise self control at all times. As we approach the end of term we will be talking to the children about moving on to new settings. As this can be an unsettling time for young children, we will be sending out separate advice to parents soon. As we practise for Sport's Day we will be encouraging the children to be 'good sports' and focusing on working together not just in sports but also in activities such as den building and problem solving.

Now that the warmer weather has arrived, we will be using the large equipment in the garden daily. As we practise for Sport's Day we will be looking at spatial awareness when running and trying different activities such as hurdling and javelin throwing! We will be talking about sun safety and what happens to our bodies when we get hot. We continue to encourage activities that help promote a pincer grip to help develop pencil control when mark making.

Awareness of the phonic sounds of letters continues to be encouraged through puzzles, songs, games and we will be using different mediums such as sand or foam to practise mark making, We continue to offer a wide range of books based on a theme e.g. as we approach Father's Day there will be a focus on families.


There will be opportunities for new role play scenarios that will include a birthday party, a school room, a cinema and a campsite. If the good weather holds there will be picnics and stories in the garden. There will be an opportunity to paint sunflowers as well as varied creative resources for the children to use.

Opportunities for conversations with others are an important part of the children's morning and we continue to promote this. We continue to introduce new words to familiar tunes to reflect the theme which helps extend their vocabulary and makes the singing circle fun!


The children will be helping to care for the fruit and vegetables we are growing in our planters. We will be looking at mini beasts in the garden and exploring our surroundings when we go on a scavenger hunt. The butterflies will be hatching into butterflies which the children can release into the garden. Using Bee Bots we will be planning journeys between local landmarks.

We continue to encourage number recognition using books, posters and puzzles and reinforce this learning when playing games and singing songs. We will continue to look at money when we plat shops in role play.



  • Encourage your child to draw something related to the theme to bring in to show
  • Talk to your child about sun safety
  • Grow some seeds on a window sill and watch them grow. Let your child be responsible for the watering.
  • Practise running races in the park


Sport's Morning - Wednesday 3rd July