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Parent/Carer rota

At St Paul’s (Crofton) Pre-School we are very keen for parental involvement and offer a voluntary helper rota which is available for parents/carers to volunteer to assist at a session of their choosing. This is a good insight into the daily running of the pre-school and a chance to see some of the many activities we offer both inside the hall and outside in the garden.

We encourage parents to help out at a session once their child is fully settled.

Parent Representatives

Another area where parents help is required is by becoming a parent representative. This role includes sitting on the Management Committee and attending meetings 4 times a year. The parent representatives also serve refreshments at 3 events throughout the year and are responsible for fund raising.


We are delighted to welcome involvement from parents or carers in their chosen vocation. This helps the children to gain an insight into the wider world, promoting learning and development and providing positive role models.

We also welcome any practical help, with the day to day running of the pre- school.

Fund Raising

At St Paul’s (Crofton) Pre-School we are always looking at increasing and improving our equipment and by fund raising we are able to do this. Some of the fund raising events that have taken place over the last year are a ladies pamper night, Christmas shop, raffles and our very popular annual trike ride.

Some of the items that were purchased from recent fund raising have included: a planter for the garden, white board wedges, fire stations, magnetic resources and sensory development equipment.